Professional Electrical Service Inc.

Technical info and Specials

    5% discount on labor for all military active duty or
                                                                            retired; maximum discount of $100
                10% discount on labor for all who have served in
                                                                            theater with proof of orders; maximum discount 
                                                                            of $100
                                  15% discount on labor for Purple Heart recipients;
                                                                           maximum discount of $100
At Wirenuts we want to thank all who have served us in the military.  We understand the sacrifices you have made for our country and would like to offer these special discounts to those that qualify.
      If your panel looks like this it is a Federal Pacific panel or
                                                         what we like to refer to as "The Firestarter".  This panel is
                                                         very dangerous and should be replaced as soon as
                                                         possible.  The Federal Pacific panels have a common 
                                                         problem of the breakers not tripping at their rated
                                                         amperage leading to fires. Dont let this happen to you, give
                                                         us a call about a replacement today!
                 Did you know most manufactures recommend that you
                                                       replace your electrical devices every 10 years.
                                                       Receptacles or "outlets" can become worn out allowing
                                                       your appliance to slowly slide out exposing the tongs and
                                                       could lead to fire. Don't get burned let us replace your old
                                                       devices and sleep easy tonight. 
                            GFCI or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt receptacles should be
                                                      protecting all of your kitchen, bath, exterior and unfinished
                                                      basement areas.  These receptacles sense the voltage as
                                                      it leaves and as it returns looking for any variance, and 
                                                      tripping if required to prevent you from being shocked.  Are
                                                      you protected?  Let us take a look you may be shocked at
                                                      what you find.
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